The Cast
Zachary Brewster-Geisz as The King
Heather Leigh Burns as Rossencraft
Dennis A. Chapoval as Horatio
Dena Colvin as Ofelia
Doon Cook as The Priest
Alan Duda as Player One
Rachel Duda as Player Two & Other
Steve Feder as Marcellus
The Ghost as Himself
Rob Green as Captain
Kateri Hull as The Queen
Sandy Irving as Corambis
Thomas C. LeMole as Hamlet
Penny Martin as Montano & Clown
Nigel Parkinson, Jr. as Leartes
Melissa Robinson as Gilderstone
Cody Sanders as Barnardo, Player 3 & Braggart
Sarah M. Smith as Prologue & Drummer Boy
Rose Smith-Rowland as Voltemar
Shannon Webber as Fortenbrasse

The Crew
P. Ryan Anthony - Director
Gretchen Jacobs - Producer
Don Cook - Designer
Meaghan Morgan-Puglisi - Costumer
John Decker - Set Design
Stephen Cox - Swordmaster
Casey Kaleba - Stunt Advisor
Wembley Graphics - Poster Art